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We are a small, specialized law firm helping people who have been injured or defrauded obtain justice. We are committed to helping protect the rights of injury victims, and guiding you through what can be a scary and unexpected situation. We listen carefully to your concerns and needs and then apply our decades of collective legal experience to help you decide the best personalized course of action for you. If you or a family member have been injured or defrauded, we can help. Call us today to discuss your legal rights.


Have you ever consulted a lawyer, doctor, or other professional and started to tell them your needs only to have them interrupt and take over the conversation? We have. Rather than listening to your unique needs, they tell you what they think you need before hearing the full picture. This can be a frustrating and, in many ways, debilitating situation. It makes us feel helpless, unvalidated, and obligated to follow along with their narrative, rather than our own.

At Harty Jewell, we understand that your case is unique. We listen and take into account your situation and the unique circumstances of your case. Every person and situation deserves a personalized solution. We are committed to listening to you, understanding your personal situation and working with you to provide a personalized solution that frees you from the anxiety, stress, and financial burden you are facing.  Call us. We can help.

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Highly rated asbestos mesothelioma attorneys

We interviewed three legal firms. Will Harty took the time to listen to my father-in-law. He came to his house and we spoke in details and decided to hire him. Will showed a real interest in both my in-laws and my father-in-law's case. . . . Will and his team worked with all of them - we had settlement offers on the spot from some, and others we had to continue. . . This was THOROUGH, professional, dedicated work performed by this firm. We would recommend them highly.


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We are a small business, and we applaud the many businesses that have made life better for all of us. But, just like people, some companies make bad choices and some companies make a habit of doing so. The asbestos mesothelioma lawyers at Harty Jewell, PLLC have spent decades battling giant corporations that knowingly sold deadly asbestos products. We know the toll that these horrible corporate decisions have on consumers, and we know how to fight these companies in court. If you have been injured by a defective product, call us. We can help.


Negligence is the failure to take proper care when doing something. It is simply failing to be careful. When another person's poor choices hurts you, you should not have to pay the costs of that person's negligence. If you have been in a car accident or injured by another person's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering and inconvenience, lost wages, loss of economic opportunity, and more. Call us. The personal injury lawyers at Harty Jewell, PLLC can help.

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Maritime law applies to injuries and deaths that occur on the high seas and navigable waters of the United States. Though maritime injury law is similar to the injury law of many states, there are some crucial differences. Will Harty and Erin Jewell have been deeply involved in maritime death and injury cases for almost two decades and are routinely consulted by other firms on the nuances of maritime law. If you or a loved one were injured on the high seas or in the navigable waters of the United States, call us. We can help.


Nobody likes to be taken advantage of. This is particularly true when it comes to consumer transactions. Whether it is an unscrupulous car dealership that sells you a lemon, a contractor who fails to perform the work, or any other unscrupulous business that attempts to take advantage of you, the consumer fraud and lemon law lawyers at Harty Jewell, PLLC have the experience and the knowledge to help you. Call us.

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Making end of life choices and the disposition of your property and belongings is difficult. Nobody enjoys contemplating their own mortality. We listen to your needs, come up with a personalized solution and try to make these decisions easier. Having your affairs in order provides peace of mind that your wishes will be accomplished. Call us today to find out how we can help.


The trial is over. Now what happens? Depending on the result, you may either be seeking to appeal an adverse decision or defending a good result. We have years of experience in the Virginia federal and state appellate system. Call us. We can help

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